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                                      Tattoos FAQ

Do you take walk-ins? We take walk-ins every day!  Our hours of operation are Tuesday-Friday 12pm-8pm, Saturday 11am-8pm and Sunday 12pm-7pm.

How much is a tattoo? Although all of our artists’ prices are very similar, we cannot give you an exact quote unless you are here in person. Only the artist you choose to do your tattoo can give you a quote. However, our shop minimum is $60-$80 (depending on where it is going), and our hourly rate is $125.

How much is a sleeve? A full sleeve is many, many hours of work and there are many factors that need to be considered. So, unfortunately that is not something that can be priced out. You are welcome to speak with the artist of your choice about their hourly rate.

Do I need to make an appointment for a tattoo? We take walk-ins 7 days a week, however if you are wanting to get a large piece done, you may need to make an appointment so the artist has time to draw up your design. In that case, you will need to come into the shop and leave a $50 deposit, which will be applied to the final price of the tattoo.

Do you tattoo minors? We now tattoo 16yo and up, with parent present. 

How can I speak to an artist before coming in to leave a deposit and schedule an appointment? You are welcome to message any of our artists through their Instagram.

Can I leave a deposit without coming into the shop? Yes, we now have the option for you to cash app your deposit for your scheduled appointment. Please be sure to put in the notes which artist the deposit is for, as well as the appointment date.







                                      Piercing FAQ

How much are your piercings? All of our basic piercings (ears, navel, brow, lip, etc.) start at $15 with our standard, surgical stainless steel jewelry. Specialty piercings start at $50. Nipples and genitals start at $60. Dermals are $40 for one $60 for two. You do have the option to upgrade your jewelry for all piercings.

What makes the price change? We have several upgrade options, with various prices, for you to choose from if you wish to get something other than the basic, standard jewelry.

What do you recommend for someone with a nickel allergy or sensitive skin? We require that you upgrade to our titanium jewelry options since there is a small amount of nickel in the surgical stainless steel jewelry. The titanium jewelry will help your piercing heal faster as well.

Do I need to make an appointment? No appointment needed. We take walk-ins only for all piercings.

What jewelry do you pierce with? Our standard/basic jewelry is made of surgical stainless steel, but we do have titanium options if you wish to upgrade to a higher quality piece of jewelry.

Do you pierce with a needle or gun? We use sterile, single use needles.

How do I care for my piercing? You will need to clean your fresh piercing 3-5 times a day with a saline solution, which we sell here for just $10 a bottle. It is also helpful to take an anti-inflammatory or Ibuprofen for the first few days after getting pierced to help reduce pain and swelling.

How long does it take for my piercing to heal? Most piercings take anywhere from 3 months to a year to fully heal (depending on the placement).

When can I change my jewelry? Most piercings are typically ready after 3 months for a jewelry change to jewelry of equal or higher quality metal.

There is a bump on my piercing. What do I do? That is more than likely hypertrophic scarring and will go away using either Jojoba oil or Vitamin E twice a day or apply an aspirin paste at night (crush a baby aspirin and add a few drops of water to make a thick paste, apply to piercing and cover with a band aid) until it is gone.

Can I bring in my own jewelry to get pierced with? Unfortunately, we do not pierce with any outside jewelry. We do, however, have several beautiful options to choose from in house.

How long do I need to wait before I get re-pierced if my jewelry falls out? You will need to wait at least 4 weeks before getting re-pierced to avoid causing any potential issues.

Do you pierce minors?

We do! (Age requirements are piercer preference, so below is a base line. Please be sure to call before you stop by to make sure the piercer on duty will pierce you) 

Age requirements are as follows:

Ear Lobes--5+ (depending on the piercer on duty)

Ear Cartilage (outer ear)--13+ (depending on piercer on duty)

Eyebrow--13+ (depending on the piercer on duty)

Nose--13+ (depending on the piercer on duty)

Lips and Navel--14+ (depending on the piercer on duty)

Lip--(vertical labret , ashley) 16+

All other piercings (daith, tragus, industrial, conch, rook) 15+

Bridge and Surface Tragus 18+


We DO NOT pierce minor’s nipples, even with parental consent.

What do I need to bring with me to get pierced if I am a minor? All minors must be accompanied by a parent with a photo ID or an adult with custodial rights with a photo ID and custody papers. You will need to bring in a photo ID (you can print out the parent portal from your school if you don’t have a state issued ID) and a birth certificate.

Do you do the horizontal, snake eyes or scoop tongue piercing? We occasionally have a piercer willing to do it, but here is what you need to know before going forward....

Ask any professional piercer & they should tell you that snake eyes, scoops (frog eyes), or any horizontal tongue piercing is not recommended. So much so that 90% of piercers will not perform this procedure. That being said… Tons of people still decide to get it done with no issues.

What you need to know:

  • You are tying your 2 separate tongue muscles together causing potential permanent lisps & speech impediment.

  • Rejection

  • Chipped & damaged teeth


If you still decide to get this procedure done, you shouldn’t move/play with it as much as possible. Use a NON-alcoholic mouthwash every time you eat, drink, or smoke anything (other than water) for at least the first week. Monitor your inflammation with Ibuprofen or Motrin as over swelling is common with this piercing. You will be pierced with a longer bar to accommodate for swelling. Wait at least 1 month before downsizing the jewelry. If your speech is seriously affected or you keep biting the piercing, you should consider taking it out for health reasons. This is a risky piercing & therefore not guaranteed but if you have any issues, you can always come and see us!

Do you use a numbing agent? Because this is not a medical facility, we are not licensed to administer any numbing injectables.

Can I bring my infant with me? If you choose to do so, you will need to make arrangements for your someone to sit with your child while you are receiving services.

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